Thoughts on the Boat Parade

When I saw the headline “Four Boats Sink in Trump Boat Parade,” my initial response was to laugh. HaHa, they couldn’t even arrange a nice boating day on the lake without screwing it up.
Then, I read a bit more about it, and saw some pictures, and I saw it differently. There is a certain image we have of Trump voters. The pickup trucks. The beer, and the accompanying beer bellies. Guns. Oh, my yes, lots of guns. And maybe a trailer, or a rickety old shack with a front porch, and a rocking chair, and a sad looking old hound dog. So, I pictured a bunch of rednecks out in rowboats and waving Confederate flags around, while drinking beer and shooting holes in the bottom of their boats, which is not entirely unbelievable.
But, this was not that. This was people in very nice boats, some of them quite large, and there were more American flags than Confederate flags. These were people with money. And there were hundreds of them. Now, at a street demonstration or political rally, if you are talking hundreds it is already a loss. But when it’s a parade of yachts, with an average of 6 or 7 people to a boat, you’re talking an impressive crowd.
The news that four boats sank, because that many boats on a small lake was churning up the water pretty good, pales next to the news of the boat rally itself.
Could Biden get hundreds of boats out in support? Not even close.

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