The Pitfalls of Democracy

Democracy is a fine idea, a beautiful idea, a poetic idea. The rule of the people. Government by the governed. The problem, unfortunately, is that people are not that good at governing.
Some are pretty good at inventing and engineering, some have a green thumb, others are good at painting pictures or making beautiful music, and some can prepare a meal which leaves people feeling content, perhaps even rapturous.
But governing?
Most of us can’t even control our own children. A lot of us can’t even govern ourselves. How are we supposed to know how to govern a world which fights us at every turn, a society which has more variables than all the people living in it put together?
Well, we do have computers to help, and history. Even though we have to assume that most of that is wrong. Just knowing how much the politicians, and the press, and the rich people who are actually governing the world (quite badly, by the way) are lying to us today, it can be safely assumed that they’ve been lying to us forever. We also have things like language, logic, and the scientific method.
We need to develop a system that does more than just give decision making power to people who can control the most other people’s minds. We need a system which is designed to find the best solution to every problem. A system which allows for all facts to be put on the table, and analyzed, and several possible solutions to be suggested, and analyzed, and so on with scientific method until we actually find solutions.
I once thought the internet was going to be just that. But, it is not. Not yet, anyway.

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