Accepting Reality

“You have to accept reality” the lame-ass Biden supporters say, but that is bullshit. The reality is our existence is temporary and meaningless, we are the temporary residents of a small planet circling an average sun somewhere near the outer edge of a galaxy containing billions, uncountable billions, of stars just like ours, and each is separated from all of the others by a black void of complete nothingness so wide that we could not cross it in a thousand lifetimes, at speeds we are capable of traveling at.
The current reality is that in one nation on that planet, the current choices for leader are both horrible old men who think the people with the most money are the best and most deserving people, and the people of that country have no chance to choose a different direction, even though some of them would like to very much.
No, I’m not accepting it. Screw your reality. I will create my own.

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