Zoom Anxiety

I am going to make my first attempt at giving English lessons tomorrow. The first group are like 7 and 8, the second group up to about 12, I think. I’m a bit nervous about it.
I’ve participated in Zoom discussions before, but this will be my first time hosting one.
I’ve taught English for over 20 years, but always face to face.
I’ve got a couple of activities planned, but “The Best Laid Lesson Plans of Mice and Men aft gang aglay” as the famous poet said.
And, I’m not really very good with tech stuff and it would be very embarrassing to get showed up by a 7 year old.
Still, we did a test run tonight, everything functions, and, in between the doubts and the possibility of it being sort of a disaster, there is the possibility that it will work fantastically well.
Holding my thumbs, as they say in Czech. Fingers crossed.

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