Meaningless Thought

The mind works in mysterious ways and we try to find analogies for it, stream of consciousness, train of thought, wool gathering, but nothing accurately describes it, or anyway we wouldn’t know if anything accurately did because we don’t really understand it yet, but I think it’s safe to say, and this is the point of this morning’s extremely random blog, that it doesn’t work perfectly and in fact generally doesn’t work very efficiently at all.
We sometimes wonder why our world is as fucked up as it is but fail to appreciate the near miracle that we manage to survive at all, as limited and erratic as our minds are.
I do not remember my dreams last night. Just a single, little jingle that was floating around my brainpan when I woke up this morning. A name plus a nursery rhyme. And the name is a famous person but about all I knew about him (before I immediately looked him up on Wikipedia to try and get some clue about why his name was in my head) was that he was some famous Indian guy. I did not know if he was a mathematician or a Bollywood star. (turns out he was a poet, novelist, philosopher and political activist of the early 20th century, won a Nobel prize, I really should have known).
So, this morning the earworm that I woke up with was:
Rabindrinath Tagore, Rabindrinath Tagore
hi-ho the derry oh
Rabindrinath Tagore

What does it mean? Probably nothing. We look for significance in all things, and sometimes it’s just not there.

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