The Hunter Thing

This whole Hunter Biden thing, which nobody understands and most people aren’t paying that much attention to, isn’t just going to go away. If his father is elected president, it will linger, like a long fart in a slow elevator, throughout his presidency.
Of course all the VBNMW people, the ones who have forced the people of the United States into this bad remake of Sophie’s Choice, are quick to point out that Trump’s children have also profited from their father’s position, in even more blatant and provable ways, and there are more of them. I’m not denying any of that.
But look how far we have fallen. In 1988, Joe Biden was forced from the presidential race for plagiarizing a speech. In the same primary campaign, Gary Hart was forced out of the race for having sex with someone who wasn’t his wife and John Edwards, twenty years later, was forced out for the same reason.
In 2004, Howard Dean was forced out of the race for speaking too enthusiastically, so the Democrats went with, and lost with, John Kerry. (in view of what Howard Dean’s doing currently, he probably would have been a shitty president anyway, but that’s not the point)
These might have been terrible standards, and completely irrelevant, but once upon a time there were standards. Now, apparently, there are none.

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