The Sounds of Somerset Marsh

I saw a different sort of video on Facebook this morning. I can’t find it again or I’d link to it. It was just a bit of nature, shot as if from a drone, I guess it was all computer graphics, but the thing was the sound track. Scientists, having catalogued the wild life of the area (birds. lots and lots of birds), presented a very realistic view of life in the Somerset Marsh in about 2,000 B.C.
Now that this is out there, if the idea catches on (which I doubt that it will – most people are not particularly bothered about how things really looked 4,000 years ago), this could be done for every region of the world.
It might provide us with a guide of what we need to get back to, a reminder of what we lost. Probably not.
But, I thought it was kind of cool. If you run across it, open it up. It’s 9 minutes well spent.

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