Car as Weapon

I’m still not a supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and never will be, but Trump supporters reached a new kind of low today in Texas. Not an all time low for them, I’d say that has to be the time Kyle Rittenhouse, with the strongly implied blessing of the Kenosha, Wisconsin police, murdered two people at a peaceful protest, but a low of a new sort. I mean, they are touching bottom all over the place.
But trying to run a bus off the road is attempted vehicular murder (not manslaughter, they were trying to do it) and they were doing it in broad daylight, while carrying guns, with cameras on them.
One of the gun nuts’ main arguments against gun control is that people could just use other things as weapons, which is kind of a bullshit argument because you’re not going to be able to shoot up an elementary school with a baseball bat. But, one weapon the right is definitely starting to use more and more is the automobile.
I would humble suggest that anybody using their vehicle as a weapon have their license revoked. Permanently. It might not be jail, but I’m sure it would cost these fuckers a great deal of serious pain and mental anguish to be forced to ride the bus.

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