More About the Bus

Apparently, some of the four wheel warriors involved in the ambush of the Malarkey Wagon the other day have said they were trying to ‘protect’ the bus, not run it off the road, when they surrounded it, forced it to a crawl, and rammed into the side of it.
This is ridiculous. But, they’ll get away with it.
Also, I saw another story (just glancing, I don’t swear by this source, but there was a picture, and it looked real) of Trump supporters using vehicles to block up New York bridges to stop people from getting to the polling places, which is also pretty ridiculous. Are there a lot of people who live in Brooklyn but vote in Manhattan, or vice versa? I think mostly what they were doing was stopping people from getting home from work, stop people who were going into Manhattan for dinner and dancing, whatever.
The thing is, Biden supporters, and most people who are not but believe in electoral fairness and some degree of civility, look on these incidents with horror.
Trump supporters look on these incidents and say haha, fuck you!
And by canceling the event in Texas, Democrats come off looking like big weenies. Given the choice between a stupid, belligerent candidate with stupid, belligerent followers, and a candidate who is powerless to do anything about them, a lot of American voters, a lot of Texan voters will pick stupid and belligerent.
I’m not saying that’s what’s right. But that’s what I see happening.

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