We Are Goliath

It’s strange how many Westerners who grew up with Star Wars still side with the evil empire on every foreign conflict – Caitlin Johnstone

It is strange indeed, and yet not so. People are weak, and yet want to think of themselves as strong. Even the stupidest among us want to think they are smart. When we go to movies, we want to be entertained, and we always identify with the heroes, and the heroes are usually the little guys, because that’s what makes a good story. It goes all the way back to David v. Goliath, and carries on through Rambo and Catniss Everdeen.
It’s why so many movies of WWII are focused on a small band of misfits (a fast talking guy from Brooklyn, a simple midwest farm boy, a Texas sharpshooter) who practically win the war single handed. The idea that we won that war through massive force and overwhelming industrial capability, while the truth, would make for a shitty war movie. It’s why we have so few good war movies about Viet Nam. The David character is clearly the Viet Namese, and they just don’t have the American’s capacity to crank out the films.
But films are not like real life, and most people are not heroes. They don’t root for the underdog in real life. They want, more than anything, to be on the winning side. You see it again and again – in sports, in fashion, in politics. Most people wait to see what everybody else is supporting, and then they go with that.
I do hope that we manage not to destroy the planet through our greed and disregard for nature, and that we manage to avoid blowing ourselves up in a nuclear war, and that we survive as a species for billions of years, and colonize the universe, but I don’t for one second believe that we deserve it. Because people are shit.

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