Where is the Line?

I like to write poetry, although some would say I write doggerel, which is fair. I tend to adhere to strict rhyme schemes, and my poems are often short. I’m cool with that criticism. I like children’s books, and advertising jingles. There is often a hard nugget of wisdom in a clever pun, or an unexpected rhyme.
I’m not a deep and sensitive person, I do not meditate, and my search for the meaning of life often takes second place to my search in the fridge for something to eat, or my search through Netflix to find something to occupy my mind. But, I do enjoy writing, and sometimes I fall short of ideas. Which affects this blog, of course. I don’t want to write about Israel’s war crimes every day, and I’ve kind of said what I have to say about universal health care, and the environment, and a few other issues. But, this blog is not about this blog.
When I browse through Facebook, or when I walk down the street for that matter, I am looking for the raw material for my next poem. Sometimes I will find it in somebody else’s poem because, as a writer, of course I have lots of writers among my 1500 odd (some odder than others) Facebook friends, and sometimes I will find it in a photograph or painting, which is perfectly legit. That’s called an ekphrastic poem. But often, somebody else’s poem will inspire me to write my own version, and I would like to call those ekphrastic poems as well (ekphrastic is an adjective that describes any work of art whose subject is another work of art), but sometimes other people might view it as stealing or, worse, as mockery.
I hope they don’t. If I write a poem inspired by someone else’s poem, I want them to take it as a compliment. But, it’s up to them, of course.

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