An Argument Against the Existence of God

In the argument about whether or not there is a God, I look at it very much the same way I look at the Grandfather Paradox in time travel, i.e. there is no such thing as time travel, therefore there is no paradox.
Just assume, for a moment, for argument’s sake as they say, that there is no such thing as God. Suddenly, everything makes sense. Of course it’s possible to have starvation in a world of plenty, to have wars because some people make a profit on them, and for diseases to evolve quicker than mankind can find cures. Who’s to prevent it? It’s only natural that some young, brilliant people will die, and some nasty old war criminals and profiteers will live to be old, and wrinkled, and maybe even have stuff named after them. All within the laws of chance in a completely random, utterly indifferent universe.
It’s not necessarily a pretty vision. Certainly, there is beauty in the world, and even occasionally an admirable trait in human nature or two, but there is plenty of ugliness, too. As there would be, of course.

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