Re: UFOs

You are infinitely more likely to get the truth about extraterrestrials from the extraterrestrials themselves than from the U.S. military – Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone has a way of hitting the nail right on the head, striking right to the heart of the issue. We don’t know if extraterrestrials have visited Earth. If they have, we don’t know if they are benevolent, malevolent or indifferent (my money’s on indifferent, but I don’t know any more than anybody else).
What we do know is that the U.S. military (as a part of the U.S. government) lies to us all the time. And it’s not just them. Every American police department, and more than 50% of the shows on television, portray the police as hard working, well trained, dedicated individuals when the evidence on the street proves that they are a pack of ignorant, racist bullies who will kill a civilian at the drop of a hat. And it’s not just America. Governments lie. They figure out what it will be in their best interest to say, and they say that. Partly because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be the government. If there’s one thing people hate more than being lied to, it’s being told the truth.
But, back to the UFOs. If they are extraterrestrials, and they haven’t killed us yet, then they probably don’t have any reason to. The fact that they haven’t communicated with is yet is also because they don’t have any reason to.
On the other hand, if there are no extraterrestrials (because of course there are UFOs, by definition) that presents us with a great opportunity and a tremendous obligation. On the one hand, we can explore, and colonize, the whole universe. Everybody will get the Mormon dream, a planet of their own. The obligation would be to survive, because if human life dies then all intelligence dies with us, and that would be a tragedy indeed.

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