On Rubbing People the Wrong Way

As we walk across the Earth
there are people all around us
and they’re all a little different
from us in a lot of ways
so it would be exhausting
if we were to get offended
at every random thing
some random person had to say

Truly, you cannot avoid occasionally rubbing someone the wrong way. Admittedly, I don’t try very hard. I responded to a comment the other day with “Vegan food sucks,” when what I should have said was “Your plan to abandon the cities and have everyone on the planet living on organic communes and eating vegan food is highly impractical.”
I suppose I should try harder to be polite, but I think I’m going to go the other way. There is just too much going on in a world of never-ending news cycles, new scientific developments daily, and the culture wars being fought on so many fronts that it’s much easier just to let fly, say whatever you think, and let the chips fall where they may.
It’s the best way to go, I think. I am the type of person who has opinions, and if I don’t express them, who will?

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