LOTR, with Nudity

I saw a petition today that I decided not to sign, even though I could see their point. It wasn’t just laziness or indifference, as it sometimes is, because you see petitions all the time, and you know they generally don’t do any good. No, I actually thought about it and decided I disagree.
Apparently, somebody is planning to make some new Lord of the Rings movies (it should be a TV series – the episodes wouldn’t need to be three hours long, and you’d have the time to fit an actual bit of story in between the battle scenes), but apparently they will have -ahem – nudity. The petitioners object strongly to that; family entertainment, Tolkien’s original intentions, and so on, which is all true.
But, the way I see it, Lord of the Rings is in the public consciousness now (which is different from public domain. I’m not arguing the present legality of it, I’m just saying it’s the fate of all great literature), so it’s fair to do all sorts of versions of it. There will some day be an all black version, a puppet version, a silly Monty Pythonesque version, a musical, a cartoon, and one with zombies. And they will all find their audience and they will all make money.
If you want purity, you can always read the books.

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