Biden’s Speech

I don’t think enough is being made of Joe Biden’s speech at the G7 conference, where he said Libya when he meant Syria, because Syria is an issue now and nobody’s even talking about Libya, and he repeated the mistake 3 times. It reminded me of the time George Stephanopoulos was interviewing someone, I believe it was during the Bush administration (the retarded one), and the guy kept saying Tibet when he was pointing to Nepal on a map and he did it more than once and George, well, he never called the guy on it and I will never be sure if he was so uninformed as a journalist that he didn’t know the difference either, or if he was just covering for the incompetent Bush appointee.
Also during that speech, Joe was speaking extremely slowly, and slurring his words. He is exactly as we (Bernie supporters) told you (Biden supporters) he would be.
But, it doesn’t matter any more. If Dan Quayle were to misspell potato today, everyone would just say “Well, Democrats misspell words, too” and others would say “Who cares about spelling?,” because they are of that segment of the population that apparently doesn’t.
Our standards have become too low. And, any time Biden is criticized, you get “But Trump was worse!” Well, not by that much. Not by enough.
I am certain that the other G7 leaders (with the possible exception of Boris Johnson) were listening to Biden’s speech, and I’m sure they noticed the gaffe, and the slow, slurred, Abe Simpsonesqueness of the speech, being as they are not deaf, or stupid. They probably won’t say anything publicly, that wouldn’t be polite. But they noticed it, and will take that into consideration at all future talks.

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