Second Shot

I got my second vaccination today, it all went very smoothly, no apparent side effects (touching wood), and then on the way home I got on the tram and didn’t even notice until I was about to get off that I’d totally forgotten to mask up. I coughed a bit, and noticed a couple of people give me nasty looks, and realized that my face was butt naked. I think as this thing eases up a bit, that will cause it to ease up a bit more.
I’ve got a poetry reading tomorrow, and have very little written and ready to go. I’ve got a long one percolating in my head and thought it would be ready for tomorrow, but it won’t, unless I get a suddeen and dramatic burst of inspiration between now and then. The reading will be outdoors, which maybe they’re doing because of Covid but in the summertime it’s nicer anyway. Poetry goes very well together with being able to look up at the stars, and feel the breeze, and breathe the fresh air.
I doubt very much if anybody will be wearing masks, but I’m not too worried about that now. I’ve had my second shot.

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