Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

It’s a few days now, maybe a week since I saw the headline “China Ditches Yuan, Adopts Cryptocurrency.” Well, I thought, that’s pretty major stuff. I mean, I’ve been hearing about cryptocurrencies for years now, and not taking them seriously although some people, it seems, are making very good money. But I haven’t seen any visible change in our everyday lives because of it, so it was never really at the forefront of my mind.
I figured maybe I should write a blog about it, but since it’s a subject I don’t really understand so well, I decided to at least read a couple of articles first. So, I did. All very convincing stuff, but I still don’t really understand it.
Then, a couple of days ago I saw the headline “Sweden Adopts e-Krona” and I thought, whoa, hold on there, this is becoming a world trend, I’m going to feel pretty darned silly when I’m the last person in the world walking around with cash money and there’s no place that accepts it any more.
Then I looked a bit closer and saw that it’s a sponsored post. They are all sponsored posts. I should have noticed that right away but I didn’t. Sneaky bastards.

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