Thoughts on Cuba

First of all, what’s going on? Why is Cuba suddenly the center of attention? Was there some major change, did they take some aggressive action? It just seems to me that the U.S. is fighting a war that they lost 60 years ago. I can’t see any need for it.
I did watch a brief video today of a demonstration in Havana. What I saw was people exercising their right to protest, and not being confronted by police wearing so much armor they look like an army of robocops. I didn’t see people being tear gassed. It could happen, I suppose, but even if it did, that wouldn’t make them any worse, or even any different, than the United States.
Biden called Cuba a failed state. They exist, as an independent state, so they are successful in that. They have an excellent education and health care system, and export doctors around the world. If those are markers of a successful state, and I think they are, then they are a successful state. They are not currently in a state of civil war. They have good relations with most other countries in the world.
Whether you approve of their politics or not, even if you think they are bad in the area of civil liberties and freedom, that would make them no more a failed state than China, or Singapore, or Dubai. That is just the wrong word to use.
There seems to be a lot of that going around, lately.

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