The Good Doctor

In my ever widening search to find anything left worth watching on Netflix, I have stumbled on another hospital show. Nothing great, I’m not saying it’s a must watch (although I’m still watching it). That’s not what this blog is about. The gimmick in The Good Doctor is an autistic doctor, and when I noticed it was based on a Korean series, I was not surprised. In fact, I’m surprised that it wasn’t a robot doctor, or a time traveling doctor, or a ghost. It could have been a more ridiculous premise.
He always saves the day but he always speaks literally, saying things like “You’re going to die.” It’s a bit like House, just with an even weirder doctor. They always have to go one step further.
At what point does it jump the shark?
It got me thinking how similar hospital shows are to cop shows, which I hate with an ever increasing passion (Helena is totally into them, especially the Nordic-noir subset, so I am unable to ignore them entirely) There’s always the quirky outsider, whose methods are unconventional but they are a stone cold genius and infallible.
Perhaps they both attract their audiences because people like thinking that people in authority, people with the power of life and death over us, are insightful and brilliant, and will always come through in a crisis. A sweet fantasy.
The difference is, while television doctors don’t bear much more resemblance to real life doctors than TV cops do to real cops, I admire doctors in real life. Cops, not so much.
Perhaps the reason that there are about a gazillion cop shows for every doctor show is that the world is closer to being a police state than a healthy state.

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