The Separation of Sex and Sports

There have been a few stories, from a few different sports, about the women’s uniforms, as in the women (not the spectators, the athletes themselves) don’t like them. A little bit too close to actual nudity for comfort, for some. Some have mentioned the discomfort of such skimpy attire.
The story I just read five minutes ago said the Australian women’s volleyball team is being fined, because they don’t want to wear the official Olympic beach babe bikinis. On the other hand, the German gymnastics team (I think it was gymnastics, if I’m off on the details, no matter) is showing up in a one piece that carries on to mid-thigh, and I guess that’s O.K.
Different standards for different sports, maybe. But it all seems like a mountain of crap to me. It’s not a beauty pageant. Sure, guys pay a lot more attention to women’s sports if the women are good looking, just like guys will turn into a news station if they think the announcer is hot. Guys are pigs. We really are.
But, this is the Olympics. It is to determine who are the best athletes in the world, and keeping the uniforms skimpy doesn’t actually aid in that. If any female athletes are uncomfortable with the uniforms, any of them at all, then they should be able to choose different uniforms.
Certainly, the IOC shouldn’t be fining anybody over it. That is way uncool.

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