Rednecks on the Run

James and Jennifer Crumbley, gun enthusiasts, Trump supporters (in a badly spelled and grammatically horrific letter to Trump, Jennifer Crumbley wrote “I’d rather be grabbed by the pussy than keep getting fucked in the ass”), and parents of mass murderer Ethan Crumbley, 15, are now on the run from the law themselves.
Their attorney (they sure found an attorney fast, eh?) says they aren’t on the run, and will turn themselves in for arraignment soon. Law enforcement doesn’t seem to feel the same way. They’ve posted their pictures, their license plate number, a description of their car, and a hot line number to call in case anybody sees them.
I imagine they’ll be caught pretty soon, or maybe they will turn themselves in. It’s sort of like all those bozos who stormed the capitol in January. They got away from the scene of the crime, but a lot of them were identified right away, mostly by ‘friends’ and family. These are people who hate everybody. It’s no surprise they have enemies.
They’ll be charged with four counts (one for each death) of involuntary manslaughter, and it’s justified. Ethan referred (online) to the gun as his Christmas present, and his mother posted a pic from the gun range saying he was trying out his Christmas present, so it seems pretty clear the parents were giving him access to the gun. Ethan’s father’s call to the police to say his gun was missing, 30 minutes after the shooting began (so actually after the shooting was over) was in the CYA category of phone calls.
The shooting did not last long. Credit must be given to the police for their rapid response. As heartbreaking as it is for the families of the four students who died, it might have been 40 instead of 4 if the police hadn’t arrived so quickly.

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