I just saw a meme which was praising a store for not selling bottled water but, instead, encouraging customers to bring their own bottles and fill them at a ‘refilling station,’ which I guess is a fancy store word for ‘a tap,’ and for which service they probably charge, being a store and all.
I fail to see this as progress. Sure, it may reduce use of plastic by an infinitesimal amount, but it doesn’t solve the real problem of having to buy water.
I am old enough to remember when water was considered a free thing, and there were drinking fountains all over the place. In fact, when I see historical photos of segregated fountains, which indeed was a dark illustration of racism, my immediate thought is “Damn, they had drinking fountains. The 1950s were superior to us in that, and that’s a really big deal.
We need water as we need air, we cannot survive it for long, and it is an outrage that we have to pay for it every time we take a sip in public. It’s not as if it’s a rare commodity, either. 2/3rds of the Earth is covered with water, which we are capable of making drinkable. Even the inland water, the fresh water, or sweet water as it’s known in many languages, is abundant. Most of the Earth’s major cities are built on rivers, where the water is literally floating by and, of course, that’s the reason the cities are there. From the dawn of mankind, people have tried to stay close to sources of drinking water.
In the last half century, it has become a commodity, something you have to pay for, and it amazed me that more people aren’t mad about that.
When they start bottling oxygen and selling it back to us, will we even rebel then?

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