Sorry for the spoilers, but this is not a program to be taken seriously, so I’m not going to worry about it too much. If you really don’t want spoilers, read no further.

I’m currently binge-watching Gotham, probably somewhere in the middle of season three, and it is getting a bit ridiculous. Virtually every villain has died at least once and been re-animated, or left for dead and somehow miraculously survived, or sent to Arkham where you just know they are going to escape because that has to be the lowest security mental asylum ever, and every good guy has either had an evil clone (evil Bruce Wayne, who felt no pain, and evil Jim Gordon, who was exposed when Barbara Kean slapped him and his face stayed that way – I though that was a pretty cool touch) or somehow been taken over by an evil entity at least once, some twice. Fish Mooney seems to have more lives than a cat, even though Jada Pinkett Smith is so sensitive she can’t take a joke.
The epitome was when brainwashed Bruce Wayne (not to be confused with evil clone Bruce Wayne), ran Alfred through with a sword, like all the way through, but immediately snapped out of his spell and rescued him with the magic water from the fountain of Ra’s al Ghul, or however you spell that.
A bit ridiculous, but a fun ride nonetheless. It’s fast paced, full of action, witty one liners, and extremely beautiful women. Barbara Kean, Lee Tompkins, Valerie Vale, Tabitha Galavan, Selina Kyle (my personal fave) and post-mutation Ivy Pepper, who has to have the lamest super power origin story in comic book history. A straggly haired, skinny, pre-pubescent 14 year old falls (well, is dropped) into a sewer and comes out as a smoking hot 20 something who is irresistible to men. Seriously, this happens to lots of girls, just not overnight.
Anyway, I’ll probably watch it through to the end. Ridiculousness is expected. It’s a comic book, after all.

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