The Ed Sheeran Case

O.K., I am late weighing in on this controversy as the judge has ruled in Ed Sheeran’s favor and the very underpublicized case, obscured by the events in Ukraine and Will Smith assaulting a comedian much in the way that the light of the Sun obscures our view of the rest of the universe, is over and already forgotten by most.
Nonetheless, whenever there is a case of plagiarism, whether in print or in music, I like to look them both up on the internet, because that is what the internet is for, and compare for myself. Would I have made the same decision as the judge? In this case, I’m not sure, but I can see the judge (and Ed Sheeran’s) point, and respect the decision as having been made honestly, and explained sufficiently. The ‘Oh I, Oh I, Oh I, Oh I, Ohi I, O’ bit in Sheeran’s “I’m in Love With Your Body,” is remarkably similar to the Oh why, Oh why, Oh why, Oh why, oh in Sami Switch’s song “Oh, Why” but outside of that they are completely different songs.
I don’t think the lawsuit was frivolous, or unwarranted, and in a way it accomplished it’s goal. I’d never heard of Sami Switch before and was pleasantly impressed. I thought his song was far superior to Sheeran’s (I’m not a Sheeran hater, he’s written a lot of stuff I like, but I find that one to be a particularly obnoxious earworm).
Maybe that was his goal. Just to get people to listen.

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