Crossing the Line

Of course trans people are people and, as such, should be treated as individuals, with the same amount of respect you’d give to anybody else. Of course I am not attacking transgender people as a group.
But holy fucking shit, this is out of line.

A transgendered author has written a book in which all the straight men have been turned into some kind of monster and all the alphabet people (LGBTQ) are the plucky heroes of the zombie apocalypse, surviving on the run although how they’re going to reproduce and continue to exist as a species is kind of a mystery. Not enough of a mystery I’m going to read the book to find out, but a mystery nonetheless. At one point in the book, they are sitting around a campfire and talking about how J.K. Rowling and her minions of evil anti-transitude were in a castle in Scotland when they all turned and killed each other.
I suppose this should be within the realm of free speech, as there are certainly public figures who I’ve wished dead, and I don’t suppose she ever said directly (the author’s name is Gretchen, so I assume this is a male to female transition and we’re supposed to use the feminine pronoun, I get so confused) “Trans people should kill J.K. Rowling and take over the world” but, once again, I’m not going to read the book to find out.
But, still, it’s nuts. It’s absolutely insane how much trans people hate J.K. Rowling. They hate her so much they have invented a special word just for her, TERF, which stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, which is a seriously stupid word. What about all the Trans Exclusionary Moderate Feminists (TEMFs) or the Trans Exclusionary Non Feminists (TENFs) or even the Trans Exclusionary Anti Feminists (TEAFs), which might be the largest group of all of them.
Anyway, I was reading the above linked to article and one quote from an anti-terf supporter stood out to me. “Your work will come to be seen as great literature, unlike the garbage that Rowling writes.”
Sorry, trans people. That is just delusional. Rowling’s work is considered great literature by almost anybody who knows anything about literature. You have crossed a line.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is some old man shit right here. This book is written by a single trans author. Lumping all of them into your indictment is going too far. Chill the fuck out, learn the pronouns. It’s not that hard. Grow a little

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