Depp v. Heard

I’m not following the case of Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard closely but, since it’s the biggest controversy since Smith v. Rock, I suppose I’ll write a blog about it.
Actually, my opinion in the Depp case (because it really is all about Johnny Depp. Amber Heard is a minor actress I wouldn’t even know about if she hadn’t been married to Depp) is the same as in the Smith v. Rock case, or so many other celebrity squabbles.
If they don’t want the attention, they could always just stop being famous. Either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard could have walked away from the relationship at any time. They had enough funds to live on their own, they had plenty of career prospects.
Of course, it may have been an abusive relationship. Being rich and famous doesn’t stop you from having a temper, or having a drug problem, or having other psychological issues. In fact, they very often tend to go together. My suspicion, in this particular case, is that both of them are probably difficult people to live with, and will have problems with their next relationship as well.
And the public absolutely has the right to watch, and comment, and take sides, and place bets. That’s the social contract they made when they became rich and famous (Depp, for all his amazing film roles, from Edward Scissorhands right up to Jack Sparrow, and Heard for marrying Depp).
They will probably make a movie out of this. Whether they admit to it or not, Johnny and Amber are probably both looking forward to that.

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