The Future of Sci-Fi

I’ve seen the first couple of episodes of Picard, which was largely the justification for subscribing to Amazon Prime, and I’ll watch more, it’s not a complete train wreck, although I am enjoying Lower Decks more, and that’s just a cartoon.
I am not fond of watching a bunch of geriatrics performing heroics in space, and think nostalgia is over-rated, even though I now fit into that demographic, and so, both as a loyal trekkie and an old fart, I am kind of obliged to at least watch this show.
I would prefer new stories, and new visions of the future, with younger, hotter actors, but that’s out there, too, and often as not, it’s just an excuse for an old fashioned shoot ’em up or worse, a horror. A starship in deep space is the new old, wooden house in Maine, complete with eerie music and strange noises.
But, I have one very specific problem with Picard. I mean no disrespect to Brent Spiner, who is a great actor and created a brilliant and iconic character in Data, but… it is ridiculous, it is an insult to the audience’s intelligence, and requires too much of a suspension of disbelief from an audience which prides itself on its attention to scientific accuracy (deserved or not. I mean, we accept teleportation and warp speed travel without blinking an eye, so its understandable that the producers think we’ll accept damn near anything) to show Data aging. He is a fucking android. Androids don’t age.
Of course, it was kind of unavoidable, as Data (the character) is played by Brent Spiner (a human) who is, unfortunately, not immune to the curse of looking one’s age.
Here’s my suggestion: in future, all androids in science fiction should be played by androids. It’s not about cultural appropriation because, really, androids don’t give a shit and they are not going to start complaining and saying they deserve these roles, but about accuracy, and insurance. If the show is good, and generates sequels and movies, the android will be able to play the android forever. (thus saving the studios money they can use on ever more awesome special effects)
Also, the technology is good enough now to do it, and sci-fi nerds would absolutely love it, especially if they are sexy androids, and why wouldn’t they be?

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